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Yes, I know. The website is called “threeonabike” but there are definitely 4 in that picture. Being a Cambridge mathematician doesnt qualify me to count, but even I can see that. What gives? Well… mostly my better half said that it ought to be threeonabike, but in fairness there are often only 2 of us, and regularly there are 3 and frankly TwoThreeOrFourOnABike is a bit dull to type.

Anyways, with that out of the way! Welcome to the Meredith family blog. We are a family of 5 who live in a village just outside Cambridge. There’s me (Mat) and mum (Helen), and our three children, Sam (11), Lottie (8) and Josh (2).

Things you’re likely to see us blogging about (where “us” means Dad really, although he’s hoping others might follow suit at some point!)…

  • Food. As a family we all love food. We’re blessed with three kids that eat anything and much of life revolves around the next meal. Expect to see lots of posts about and recipes for bread of various forms, possibly some curries, and probably lots of veg recipes.
  • Gardening, growing veg and turning it into great tasting food. We’re not vegetarians, but we grow and eat a lot of vegetables, and believe in the ability of healthy food to taste great. We also eat cake though — expect some of that too.
  • Other random things. Like how to build a playhouse, and perhaps a bit of Amigurumi from time to time…

Oh, and the bike. We own a fabulous triplet from Circe cycles. It has a child seat on the back so it can take 4 of us, and you can also remove the middle section making it into a tandem. Sam and I are currently trying to visit (by bike) all of the villages withing a 20km radius of our home — I’ll probably post something on that too 🙂

Cycling and camping from Cambridge to Norfolk (Overstrand)

7 thoughts on “About us

  1. Just came across your post while looking at Facebook this afternoon.
    What a lovely blog! I love the name too but I think someone very important is missing from your profile photo…
    I guess she was busy taking the photo.

    1. Thanks — glad you like it! If you want to subscribe by entering your e-mail address, you’ll get automatically notified of new posts 🙂 Yes, we need to get a picture of Helen on the bike too…

  2. What a wonderful thing to do. If you can start by posting the bread recipe you taught me and that I’ve promptly forgotten, that’d be excellent!!

    1. Thanks! I think we were just using my simple sourdough recipe but with a tiny pinch of dried yeast instead of the spoonful of sourdough starter…

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