Easy no-knead sourdough rolls or “bruffins” (TM)

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Sourdough: 1200g flour = 2 good sized crusty loaves. We eat one fresh the first day, we eat one over the next couple of days. And then I bake again. All good. But it can get a bit boring just baking the same round loaves over and over. I’d really like to make sourdough rolls, but the dough I make is really just too wet to handle. Lightbulb moment: what would happen if I were to bake it in a muffin tin???

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Sourdough pizza and dough balls

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After years of experimenting with different types of pizza this is the one that I’ve settled on. At least for now! Main components:

  • Sourdough pizza dough. Recipe below, based very closely on my super-simple sourdough recipe. This is really low effort and makes a great, easy to shape dough, that works brilliantly for both pizza bases and doughballs.
  • Dan Lepard’s frying pan tomato sauce.
  • Garlic butter (for the dough balls). No recipe needed. Butter, fresh garlic and lots of chopped fresh parsley.
  • Toppings of your choice.
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Sourdough made simple

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Or should that be “Sourdough made. Simple”? Read on if you…

  • want to be able to make great tasting, fresh easy sourdough
    • whenever you want it at short notice
    • on a schedule that works for you (e.g. 2 minutes work the night before and have fresh sourdough for lunch, or start in the morning for fresh sourdough the next day for breakfast)
    • for just ~20 minutes of total effort to make two good size loaves
  • don’t want any effort maintaining your starter (just feed once a month)
  • don’t want lots of waste (no need to keep throwing half your starter away)
  • want a recipe that can be easily adapted to make e.g. rolls or Sourdough pizza and dough balls
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