Lego Minecraft

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Guest post by Sam Meredith

This is a bit of the Lego I have been making recently, some parts I have designed entirely myself, whilst other bits are based on sets, and parts like the desert village/horse stable, which are just the actual sets with slight tweaks.

It has a variety of different areas, and I’ve had fun setting up loads of scenes in each area, some of which are shown below. If you have any suggestions as to what else to add to this collection, please do leave a comment.

This is the mine, where you can see one character mining, whilst another fends off a zombie using a trident.
This picture shows the stable and the fort, where a character in diamond armour fights a skeleton jockey on horseback.
In this picture, two characters attempt to free an iron golem from a pillager camp (Not an actual structure in Minecraft, but heavily inspired by the pillager outpost), by blasting of the cage door using TNT.
This shot shows a bamboo forest, housing two pandas (Sorry, I didn’t realise at the time that they are both facing away…), and an ocelot, being defended by Alex and her wolf from outsiders.
Here you can see a ruined portal, with a character trapped in the nether, who is shooting at a baby zombie pigman and a magma cube which have come into her base.

In this picture you see Alex battling a wither skeleton and two blazes, whilst balancing on the end of a bridge in the nether fortress she was exploring.
In this picture, a golem is protecting a peaceful meadow, housing a farm and bordering a small village house and a market stall.

Nothing new here, just a birds-eye view of all the above. As mentioned at the top, any ideas of what to add next would be greatly appreciated, so feel free to give suggestions in the comments.